Motor rehabilitation

Natural rehabilitation in Abano Terme

The recognised therapeutic value of thermal cures makes Hotel Smeraldo the ideal location for motor rehabilitation.

The curative properties of thermal therapies in Abano Terme such as mud therapy and balneotherapy, combined with the experience of the specialised doctor in the centre, offer the possibility of obtaining concrete results in post-traumatic rehabilitation or after surgery.

Thermal cures at the Hotel Smeraldo

The extraordinary beneficial and therapeutic value of our water and mud derives from the richness of the thermal waters of the Abano and Montegrotto basin.  

At the Hotel Smeraldo you will have the opportunity to forget the daily stress and dedicate some time only to yourself, giving you the chance to rediscover a new harmony-oriented well-being.

Discover all the treatments and thermal cures in the dedicated section

Our hotel is affiliated with the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale

The Italian Ministry of Health recognises the therapeutic role of thermal treatments in the treatment and rehabilitation of numerous pathologies.

Patients can access thermal cures such as mud-balneotherapy or inhalation cures with a prescription from their General practitioner

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