Facial beauty treatments

For a unique sensory experience

Give your face radiance and freshness with our treatments.

Deep facial cleaning

Basic treatment to remove impurities and dead cells.

Neu Tibetan Face Massage

Extremely relaxing and an excellent stress-reliever, it consists of a special acupressure technique on the head-face and shoulder points. It relieves headaches, pain and tension in the neck, and visibly relaxes facial features, preventing wrinkles and skin laxity.

Soothing calming treatment

An ideal treatment for sensitive, easily irritated skin with capillary fragility and cuperose.

Time Secrets

The latest frontier of anti-ageing rituals rich in natural active ingredients, without preservatives, with the plus of the Hyperthermal Water of Abano terme. There are 4 treatments:

JALUR super moisturising treatment with filler effect

BOTOX anti-aging treatment with rapid tensive action

SNAIL soothing, moisturising, elasticising, revitalising and restructuring treatment

LIGHT treatment with lightening, brightening and smoothing properties

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