Thermal cures under ASL agreement

The prescription for thermal cures

At the Hotel Smeraldo in Abano Terme it is possible to have one course of treatment per year by presenting a prescription from your general practitioner, stating the pathology, the therapeutic indication and the number of treatments recommended.

All spa treatments are carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist doctor.

Which thermal cures are covered?

Mud-balneotherapy cycle

  • 1 medical examination
  • 12 Mud baths
  • 12 therapeutic baths

Cycle of inhalations

  • 1 medical examination
  • 24 treatments in 12 sessions

Would you like to book a cycle of subsidised spa treatments?

If you would like to book a cycle of subsidised spa treatments or receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you.

Subsidised spa treatments without a stay

At the Hotel Smeraldo we offer the possibility of spa treatments without a stay.

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